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2016’s Biggest Lessons

It’s funny, as I went to see some very good friends before Christmas (people that I haven’t seen in a while), I expected it to be super fun catching up on what had been happening and talking about future plans. But there wasn’t any of that. I recognised a very familiar theme when asking all of my pals what they had planned and whether they were looking forward to the year ahead – there was a distinct sense of ‘nothingness’ about their responses. Honestly? It was a bit depressing.

At first, I wondered whether it was a self-employed thing… but then decided it couldn’t be, as one of my friends does work for himself and he wasn’t any more enthusiastic than the others. Then it dawned on me that they are just not in on the secret.

They don’t know that we either unconsciously create or react.

Or consciously create and lead.

We get to choose the exact results we want to create.

While we talk about it all the time, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is normal. It isn’t.

And standing there at this Christmas party it was all too obvious. My outwardly successful friends, with houses, cars and kids actually run the risk of sleepwalking through the next 365 days of their lives.

FUCK that shit.

So, with that in mind before I reassess my intentions for the year (I’ve set them out several times already) I want to share with you some of the questions I have asked myself to ensure that I don’t mindlessly make the same mistakes I did last year. I want to repeat the things that brought me the most joy and wealth so that 2017 starts off in the most EPIC fashion ever.

1. What were some successes, wins and breakthroughs I was really proud of?

Setting the intention to have sold my first retreat by the end of 2016 – not only have I achieved that, but I did it twice over. I set the intention during a nine-month mastermind that I had signed up to.

Getting into a financial position to allow my husband to leave his job as an assistant head teacher.

Running a beautifully connected and aligned, paid for, community.


2. Failures, losses, unfinished projects?

Taking on too many things that I haven’t seen through to the end because of lack of time/focus or commitment.

Lack of consistency when it comes to my communication.

Noticing there are still so many places where I sabotage myself with ‘lack mentality’.

3. What are the three unexpected game changer events that shifted my priorities?

Whilst she was totally expected, the birth of Aluna was the first time I gave myself permission to step away from my business for longer than a couple of days. I did it and the world didn’t fall in, it felt amazing.

My first group coaching day in January of this year. It felt so fucking amazing, seeing the breakthroughs, the enthusiasm and it feeling so natural to me; I was flying with next to no preparation. I didn’t know until that point that connecting with people face to face and coaching was going to have to be part of my business model to keep me flying.

Signing up for a £2.5K exhibition that I subsequently couldn’t attend, but through that creating my first truly premium client experience. This will change everything for both my clients and myself. In fact, it already has. 🙂

4. Who are the key people who influenced my year?

My husband.


Tara Humphrey (my sister).

5. What are the three things I focused on?

Launching my book.

Building my business coaching business.

Communicating my message.

6. What three things did I forget, ignore or didn’t get around to?

I ignored keeping decent financial records for far too much of the year.

I didn’t get around to compiling my second book.


7. What have I learnt about myself and life in 2016?

That I really am capable of achieving anything that I set my mind to.

I have so much more to give.

That when I am focused I am a fucking badass, but I am just too easily distracted.


8. How did I limit myself this year?

My biggest limiter was a lack of focus, taking on too many things meant that I couldn’t go as deep as I wanted to go in my communities or with my content creation.

Lack of organisation also limited my success when it came to launches and relaunches, so many things were pulled together at the last minute that could have been far more successful if I had taken more time to organise myself and my team more effectively.

9. What does this mean for 2017?

I will meet up with more clients face to face.

I will be shit-hot organised.

I will continue to work on my mindset to rid any thoughts of scarcity and lean into abundance in every way, shape and form.

These answers are just a snippet of my review. I encourage you my beauty to spend a good chunk of time this week, even if you only tackle a couple of questions a night, to really think about the lessons you can take with you into 2017. So you can be that much more intentional when it comes to creating the best year of your life to date because it is going to be your best year, right?

I bloody hope so.

Thanks so much for supporting me and being a part of this awesome community.

I am more grateful for this space to share (and swear!) than you will ever know.



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