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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:14 Where burnout comes from
  • 04:03 Setting empowerful intentions for 2022
  • 05:34 Learning from experience
  • 06:36 How to paint a new picture for your future
  • “When I observe people feeling tired, at least on social media, is that they then take great offence at people who are feeling energised.”
  • “When it comes to setting empowering intentions, it is much more helpful for you to think about what you do want and how you desire to feel.”
  • “When you’re trying to create something new, but everything that you’re thinking about is really from a defensive perspective, it stops you moving forward.”

How to return back to calm

We’re coming up to that time of year where people are reflecting back on where they are in relation to where they thought they were going to be, and thinking about 2022.

Depending on how your year has been, you’re either going to be hopeful about 2022, or not really wanting to think about it and you just want to be done with 2021.

If you are in that headspace where you don’t want to talk about it, here’s what I want you to do.

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