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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:36 How you can create more magic with trust
  • 07:46 Trusting when you’re in launch mode
  • 10:52 Your logical mind vs the infinite possibilities
  • 11:53 Energy consciousness
  • “Trust is a doing word, it’s something that we have to do. We cannot be passive when it comes to trusting.”
  • “Our ability to trust, and our ability to surrender what the mind thinks is what we should be doing, is a whole different ball game to how I often see people talking about trust.”
  • “The idea that your logical sense is the best sharper for you creating magic and miracles in your life, does not make sense because you’re wanting to create a miracle and magic from level one awareness and it can’t be done.”

Is it time to surrender and trust?

I see so much importance in the word trust.

I believe that my life has changed, and things have shifted in my business, since I decided that trust was going to become something that I made peace with, and that I was friends with.

For a very long time, I ran the story that I was the only person that I could rely on. But when we start playing with energy consciousness, two plus two, no longer equals four.

Find out what I mean in this episode.

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