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Does the Universe Hate Me?


This week has been an interesting one for me, and after the way the sequence of events unfolded I know some people would have been thinking,

‘What is this ‘Universe has my back’ shit? The Universe hates me!’

It was a conscious decision to write interesting (instead of tough) when describing what’s been happening, because of my commitment to my mantra. “Everything is always working out for me”. Because yes, it’s easy to say that when everything’s going fine and dandy, right?  But what about when the shit hits the fan?  What about when to the outside world, the realists, other normal intelligent human beings it looks like the sky is falling in on top of you?  What about then?

This week, I had to cancel my June retreat, which saw me refunding over £6K close to the £7K worth of revenue.

Ouch, fucking ouch.

And then a client who I have been so fricking excited about working with in my new group coaching program, for a whole host of reasons had to pull out. By anyone’s standards, I’ve taken a bit of a slap this week. And if you were to look at my bottom line, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think WTAF?

But the thing is…I didn’t think that. Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult pressing the refund button. Again, and again and again….and again, but I knew it was the right thing to do.  It was harsh finding out my client wasn’t going to be able to move forward, but it also wasn’t a surprise, it was just one of those things.  Underneath the uncomfortableness, on the other side of the ‘oh, that’s a bit shit,’ was the knowing that ‘everything is always working out for me’, and everything is happening FOR me, not to me. Everything is playing out exactly the way it should be.  Even if I’m not 100% clear on all of the lessons right now.

One of the positive things I did, was finally take action on promotional work I’ve been promising to look at for months for The Calm Birth School, I have no idea why I’ve been sitting on it for so long and It also gave me a welcome kick in the ass to re-look at spreading the magic that is the The Baby Business School. Did my ‘interesting’ week happen so I could take the reigns back on the above two projects? No, I don’t think so, but refocussing my attention on my evergreen services IS definitely a good thing that has come out of this situation.

Cancelling June, also made me realise how much I want to make in person activities a regular event, so it was really exciting to get such a positive response to floating the idea of the Day Spa Mastermind on the 3rd June. Which if you fancy a massage, so on-point mastermind and hanging out with me and a group of awesome women at a tranquil day spa, you should really get involved. 🙂  My point is, even when it feels like everything is going to shit, the way we choose to receive the ‘seemingly bad stuff’ and then respond to it, can either liberate you or keep you stuck in the shit. Don’t get stuck.

The Universe does always have our back.

The lessons and the learnings are always there. We just have to decide on whether we want to see them and use them and even when you can’t see the complete route of the path laid out ahead of you.

Do not lose faith.

A friend of mine says, ‘receive it all’. Because everything really is all working out for you. And this week more than ever. I got that. Suspend your judgement of the way you think things are supposed to be. Embrace what is and know that when we take the lesson onboard won’t keep getting shoved in our faces and we can acknowledge that everything really is working out for us.

Faith + Action = Miracles

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