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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:52 Understanding our deliberating trauma
  • 04:22 Changing our stories that hold us back
  • 09:03 The fear of judgement
  • 12:40 Dancing with judgment
  • “As soon as you start to get really scared, you realise that this isn’t about you. This is about the people that you’re gonna help. This is about what you get to represent in this world. This is about the hope that you give to others when you are able to step up and shine. That is what all of this is about.”
  • “We are able to hold multiple frequencies at the same time, because we are multiple. We are multiple dimensional beings.”
  • “When I choose to have the courage, when you choose to have the courage to own it, to own what you are, co-creating to be excited about what you are co-creating to understand that it is unique and special and beautiful and abundant, and all of the good things. When you allow yourself to reside in that frequency and share from that place, you unlock a whole other level that isn’t available to you when you are in that space of judging yourself and judging other people.”
  • “It is so okay for you to receive what it is that you desire. It is so okay to ask for what it is that you want.”

Five big F’s for You (1 of 5)

I am excited to bring you something new over the next few episodes. This is a little series that I am calling the big five limiters.

These are the things that keep us stuck, keep us in limitation when it comes to growing our income, growing our influence and ultimately our impact.

It’s all related to fear. The big five fears.

Strap yourself in for these shocking five episodes where I look at each one of the fears and really spell things out so that you can bring more awareness to when you are acting from this place and more presence.

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