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Get excited about saying no to people

When was the last time you wrote out your dreamboat client shizzle?

This is something you should be doing at least once a quarter. If you’re showing up, if you’re committed to the big dream, if you’re changing all of the time, your ideal client should be moving into that expanded space with you.


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Get hyper-specific about who it is that you want to work with.


I want you to feel confident enough to stand in your power when it comes to deciding whether a prospect is one of your dream clients or not. By saying “no” you’re stepping into a space of abundance; you’re creating space for the dreamboats to step into.

  • Who would you love to work with?
  • What are her main problems?
  • What are her secret desires?
  • What are her secret fears?

We all have a million and one different ideas all the time – when we focus in on the ones that we’re going to go with, each idea should have a slightly different dreamboat client. 


You know that the people you want are out there. The way you find them is to start creating content that’s a real turn-off for some people. We want you to be polarising. It’s not about having thousands and thousands of people kind of paying attention, it’s about having that small group of highly engaged fans.


Your homework for today? Write out your dreamboat client and get super clear on what they want from you.

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