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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth

So you want to hit six figures in business but are you tracking your money accurately?


Sure you have a bookkeeper and accountant but YOU get to decide your financial goals, and then you get to look at how you’re going to achieve them.


Here’s some things that I absolutely do and live by that helped me triple my revenue during the pandemic in 2020.


-includes improving your relationship with money, the mindset of money and how to use your money wisely in business.


  • 01:51 The story I told myself about money and my relationship with it
  • 04:23 Your mindset of money and a tip how to view it differently
  • 08:07 Setting money goals
  • 10:11 Sales and marketing questions to ask yourself to reach your financial goals


  • “It isn’t about getting to know your numbers. It is about getting intimate with your numbers.”
  • “Look at your relationship with money and switch the word money for love, or the word money for relationship and then look at the way that you engage with it.”
  • “I began investing in my relationship with money in the same way as I have invested and will continue to invest, in my personal development journey. It’s like really looking at it and getting to know it and treating it the way that I wanted to be treated.”



You can read the transcript here.


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