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  • 19:29 Our heart is our container of emotions, right? We’ve got the primary, the basic emotions, and then we’ve got the complex emotions, and we attribute that all to the heart. And the heart is a lovely, sweet, lovable entity within us, our inner child. But it’s also super finicky. It likes one thing, 1 hour, and then it gets its emotions heard, and then it’s, like, pouty and wants to curl up and take a nap
  • 36:07 So we would have our conversations, going down slides, doing seesaws, being on swings, skipping down the street. We would do mischievous things. And it brought me so much joy.
    And at that time, I wasn’t even like, am I just recalling my childhood or what is it? But it was my soul, just like, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to do this.
  • 14:26 Like, we manage. We manage. It’s sort of like rearranging furniture in our homes, but it’s still the same furniture in the same home.
  • 23:06 You look at children and toddlers and you could almost see their soul radiating, right? And then really pretty early on, we start, whether it is detaching or disassociating from our souls because the ego comes in and we are taught this is right and this is wrong.
  • “It isn’t tranquil music and sitting there and discovering it was dark and scary and confusing and all of that.”
  • “My son, who is 17 right now, is my biggest teacher, biggest challenge, and the biggest teacher.”
  • “To run my business while incorporating play has been a game changer as well.”

How a 20 Minute Conversation Broke My Perfect Life with Shirin Etessam

Oh my gosh, this episode is a beauty.

Let me introduce you to an entrepreneur and transformational leader, Shirin Etessam. In this conversation, we dive deep into the principles she shares in her book (remember you can get MY book, Infinite Receiving here!) as well as the difference between spirit and soul, triggers and activations that we get from our kids…. About how we are all a work in progress.

It’s a really beautiful episode. Enjoy!

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