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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 17:35 Our connection with our life force energy that is absolutely individual, that no one else needs to mitigate for us is our access to our power. And life, in and of itself, is sexual.
  • 22:16 It’s about how much of this can we bring to our daily life as well, so that there’s not a separation between, like, okay, now I’m balancing my checkbook and now I’m in sacred ceremony, so that it all can be an expression of love and life force.
  • 53:16 If we want to surrender, if we want to learn to surrender in our lives, we need to find where are the patterns of control in my body and learn to, with small, doable steps, become aware of them.
  • “I mean, I’ve always just been a body person.”
  • “We are nature. There is no separation. Our bodies are animals. We are made of the same thing as rocks.”
  • “We have this tendency to think that as soon as something really great happens. Something terrible is going to happen. “
  • “I think about my life and my energy, and I’m like, am I being a sphincter or am I trusting and opening?”

The 1000 Year Old mistake we’re Making with our Sexual Energy: A Conversation with Kate Northrup

I know I say it often but you are going to LOVE this episode.

Today I have  my friend, Kate Northrop with me. She is famous for working with ambitious folks who want to light up the world without burning out.

She’s also a  bestselling author, just like me! (side note – you can get your copy of my new book Infinite Receiving right here).

This episode, we go deep on what it means to create safety within the body so that you are able to achieve more of what it is that you desire.

We talk about love, we talk about sex, we talk about work, we talk about divinity, God, we talk about all of the things.

It’s really juicy. I hope you love it.

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