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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
    • 02:55 How do you feel about the word power?
    • 05:44 Are you outsourcing your power? 
    • 07:53 Notice your triggers 
    • 09:20 What a power leak looks like
  • “Every time you are getting triggered, you are giving your power or way”
  • “It changes the game if you know that you can hold whatever you’re gonna be presented with”

How to claim your power back

Hello, hello, hello! I’m excited! Can you tell? One of the things that has been massively, massively front of mind for me over the last week or so is the work that I have been doing with the archetypes.

Anybody who’s been in my world knows that one of the first things that I always get people to do is go through my mini-series called Fear to Freedom, which highlights the kind of eight archetypes that really run our lives. We have our four shadow archetypes, and then we have our four illuminated archetypes.

The shadow archetypes are the prostitute, the victim, the child, and the saboteur. The illuminated archetypes are the lover, the sovereign, the warrior and the magician.

And all of the time, our every single reaction, every single decision that we are making, we’re either making from our shadow selves or our illuminated selves.

Now, I’ve been looking at this, particularly, in relation to the word power. And I am curious when I say power, and I’m talking about it in relation to you and your power. How do you feel about that word? It’s really interesting!

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