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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:54 A newfound freedom sense of freedom
  • 06:03 Are willing to go all-in on your life
  • 06:44 Be present in the moment
  • 12:34 The intention has to be set upon energetically
  • “Be operating more from a heart’s space instead of a head-space”
  • “Energetically is all happening now. Before I will see anything in my 3D experience, it has to be set upon.”

How I am feeling post Peru

It’s been a while, like, at least a month since I last recorded a podcast because I have been away in Peru! And whilst there is a part of me that wants to share my experience of the retreat–and I will do–today is not that day. Mainly because I just wanna give it a little bit more breathing space.

I shared with some of my clients how it was really interesting. I was having a very trusting response to people saying, “I can’t wait to hear all about it!” And my thoughts were, “I don’t know how to communicate everything that I experienced.”

And then I had a call with my Transcendence lovelies – the people who I have my monthly transmission with. It was two hours. It was in-depth. It came from the heart. And it felt really, really beautiful.

What I do feel ready to share are some of the biggest realizations and shifts that I’ve noticed since coming back from the retreat.

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