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  • 3:10 What we have to understand is that in order to fulfil a big, hairy, scary, impossible goal is you have to create a new operating system. We’re creating a whole new paradigm when we are stretching beyond what we have always known.
  • 5:01 The energy of that is a very different one to the energy of force, push. One is the energy of inspiration and excitement and expansion. We want to be making sure that the energy of which we are approaching, what it is that we are about to do, is coming from that latter place.
  • 8:31 And in those different suggestions and the honouring of those different suggestions, you are going to notice yourself doing things that maybe you didn’t expect to be doing.
  • “The energy of creation is always expansion.”
  • “Sometimes the awareness that you are in push mode might be enough to flip the switch.”
  • “The more you tune in and ask the more frequently, you are going to hear different suggestions of how to move forward.”

How To Create From A Place of Aligned Abundance

Hello, hello you gorgeous human being! Welcome to this next episode of the Infinite Receiving Podcast.

It is SO easy in the push and pull of life to forget that we live in an infinitely abundant universe. So how do we remind ourselves and show up (and co-create) from this place of infinite abundance – every single day?

Tune in and let’s get into it – you don’t want to miss this one!

Faith + Action = Miracles

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