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  • 9:58 If you are picking something because you think that this is the niche that is going to pay you the most money, so you’re excited about that, but in terms of the types of people, in terms of the actual work, you would have given the choice scoop your eyeballs out with a teaspoon. It’s not sustainable.
  • 11:50 You have to be able to say that you have gone all in and let’s be real, you have to be able to say that multiple types, like going all in on something once means nothing in the lifespan of a business.
  • ​​14:03 So we have to start being really data driven and informed about each stage of the customer journey before we are able to make a really sound call about whether it’s time to throw the product in.
  • “You have to be passionate about something that your audience recognise is a problem.”
  • “When you are doing something that really does just light you up, that really helps you during the tough days”
  • “When you are able to really understand that having duds is part of the process, that will also change the way that you think about whether you need to chuck it out or stick with it.”

How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

Hello you gorgeous gorgeous human being,

Welcome to the next episode of the Infinite Receiving Podcast! This one’s for you if you have been asking yourself the question: Is it time to quit?

There have been more than a few moments where I’ve questioned whether or not it’s time for me to keep going or throw in the towel. In this episode I will take you through my process to help you work out whether it’s time to stop with an idea that you have been working on or keep going.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

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