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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 27:53 Jazze that’s the whole premise of my movement is, you know, strengths led business that do we actually have to get better at the things we’re not good at? Or can we just leave them behind and do something different?
  • 37:46 Suzy I want to feel held. And I want to feel looked after. And how does that work, if traditionally, for a whole lifetime, being provided for has been that traditional male role? And I’m doing the providing?
  • 38:54 Jazze I had a conversation with a client who said, I actually get turned on by being supported by my husband financially
  • “Get crystal clear on the things that are feeling really good and in flow. And do more of that” – Jazze
  • “I had a conversation with a client and she said, I actually get turned on by being supported by my husband financially” – Jazze
  • “I really do think that it all comes back to working with what you’ve already got, as opposed to against it” – Jazze

How To Do Life and Business at the Highest Level with Jazze Jervis

Hello, beautiful, wow are you in for a mother trucking treat! You are really going to enjoy this episode, I am talking to an incredible business coach and mentor Jazze Jervis.

This conversation goes into all of the places and actually ends up somewhere quite unexpected.

She has built a seven figure business where she is supporting hugely successful entrepreneurs who are looking to work less and receive more – I mean could she be any more completely on theme with the infinite receiving podcast?

Jazze Jervis is a business coach and creator of first-of-its-kind business immersion, NEON, where female entrepreneurs use their strengths and zone of genius to create more visibility, scalability and profitability by leveraging personalised strategies, human design and astrology.

At the end of her first million dollar year in business, Jazze realised she was burnt out and no longer operating from her natural way of being. This ultimately led to a “come to Jesus” decision to get clear on the strategies that were going to be the most income-producing, sustainable and personally satisfying.

Jazze is a multi-passionate 5/1 Manifesting Generator, Sun in Cancer and Capricorn Ascendant (so intuitive business is literally what she is on this Earth to do!). She’s a passionate advocate for women feeling internally resourced, carving their own paths, learning to trust themselves and building legacies that allow them to create more joy in their lives, peace in their souls and generational wealth for their families.

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