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  • 04:43 Traditional Chinese medicine for me is a system for understanding the human body
  • 06:11 We are all the same, but we work differently. Because our emotions impact our body. Our body impacts our emotions, our sleep impacts our emotions, and our body, the way we eat impacts… so and our blood type impacts everything. So everything impacts and you are really a specific and unique person.
  • 09:10 doctors should be to maintain health. That’s the reason why doctors exist, to keep you from getting sick; not to treat diseases. You know, that’s the thing. You have to change this paradigm, because it’s important.
  • “Rituals allowed me to connect with the present moment and with my body and to not push myself and to understand my limits”
  • “when you close the day you close it, you wash it, clean it, keep the good stuff and allow space for another day to come”
  • “Chinese medicine is a system for understanding the human body”

A Conversation with Tâmara Castelo

On this episode of  Infinite Receiving I have an absolute treat for you, I am fascinated by people with a master of something and my guest really is that.

If, like me, you think Chinese medicine is all potions and acupuncture you must listen in and let Tamara show you how integrative this modality really is.

Tâmara Castelo is a specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine and the CEO of Tâmara Castelo Clinic (Lisbon and Porto), TMC Health, TMC Holistic and TMC Jewellery. At her clinic, Tâmara treats sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, intestine diseases, anxiety, migraines, and hormonal problems, and takes a holistic approach to healing. She is the author of Healing Without Medicine, Eating Without Guilt, and Full Balance—all winners of Gourmand awards. Her new book, The Power of Rituals, walks readers through how to determine their biotype and, based on that, create a personal plan with easy, repetitive tasks designed to rebalance sleep, manage stress, reduce anxiety, and end toxic thoughts. She lives in Lisbon.

Tâmara Castelo is a specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine, a wife, a mother and the CEO of Tâmara Castelo Clinic (Lisbon and Oporto), TMC Health, TMC Holistic and TMC Jewellery. Born in Lisbon into a large family of Portuguese, Jewish and African descent and daughter of an actor father and a flight attendant mother, Tâmara grew up in a crowded, multicultural home with different languages. In her universe, which she calls Tamarismo, there are several types of content about different topics created to share insight into the body and mind, as the greatest gifts of your life.

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