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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth

How do you pick yourself back up again and get on with things?


A set back can be tough, especially in these uncertain times.


It can feel like you’re always the person doing the supporting BUT it’s really important you take these steps in order to shift when you’re feeling blocked.


Find out what I do to move through pain and allow my emotions to flow through me so that I can set the intention that things will get better.


Enjoy x




  • [01:58] If you’re in that position of a set back
  • [03:05] Getting support in your business and for yourself
  • [04:54] Why reaching out for help is so important
  • [06:11] What reaching out doesn’t mean
  • [08:00] Looking at the bigger picture of things




  • “There is something that is so powerful that comes when you’re able to say to somebody who loves you and cares for you, but also will always see you in your highest. There is something so powerful about being able to share and not be treated like a victim at the same time as being heard and held.”
  • “You’re having a moment because you’re a human being and something crap has just happened. So allow yourself to feel the feelings.”
  • “What is the bigger picture when it comes to why it’s important for you to get back up on your feet, why it’s important for you to view things differently? Why is it important for you to allow a new perspective, to be the perspective that you operate from?”





You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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