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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
What is it that you want? I want you to think about this question right now. Do you know what it is you want? Let me share something with you today. If you have been in my tribe for any length of time, you will know that I talk a lot about the importance of mindset. I encourage everyone to write down their goals and their vision. If you have done any level of coaching with me, I will have asked you to do this. This is (and this is an important thing to realise) not because you need to write something out a 1000 times in order to manifest it. It is because, from an energetic perspective, the writing and the believing in what it is that you are writing help to get you in alignment with the energy of being a CEO, or starting up your own business, or having a 6-figure launch, or whatever it is that you want. You can write it out a trillion times but if you don't feel it in your heart, if you don't feel it's possible, you will not create that reality. Another point to bear in mind is that while you need to move forward with intention, you do not need to wait for a clear path or the exact strategy lying before you. Sometimes you just need to take the leap. You do not need to know how it is going to happen. This is SO important because it is when you are not attached to the ‘how it will look’ or the ‘how it will unfold’ that you step back and give the Universe the space to deliver whatever it is that you want in whatever shape or form that needs to be manifested for the highest good of all (including you). So stop holding yourself back with the specifics. By getting really clear about what it is that you want, you can take decisive action. You can leave the job that is acting as a safety blanket even though you hate it; you can release the product, service or book you have been sitting on; you can say YES to the speaking gig or NO to the things that you want to say no to. Be really intentional with the life you want to create. The thing(s) that I desire is (are) ______________________. The place that I choose to step into is _____________________. The type of person who is achieving these goals requires __________________. What does the day of someone who _____________________ look like? What does the workspace of some who_____________________ look like? What does someone who ____________________ do for themselves? Your job is to stop getting stuck in the ‘how’ and start noticing, today, where you can start living into your desires, with a knowing that when you keep putting one foot in front of the other the rest is just a matter of alignment. Faith + Action = Miracles This is something that my sister Tara Humphrey has down to a tee and you can listen to her talking all about it in episode 5 of Making Babies + Making Bank here.

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