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There is a huge trend, in the parts of the world running on material ‘stuff’, towards decluttering our physical spaces. In a world that really does value the newest car, the best phone and the fastest fashion, our lives feel full. Our brains are full.


By decluttering our physical environment, we create space for happiness, contentment and a reconnection with what truly matters to us. We also need to give some thought to decluttering our brain: meditation, relaxation, exercise, however that (or whatever) works for you. 


We need this. 


We can also declutter our lives. Not the main reason that we did this but we moved to Mexico and moved closer to how we wanted to live as a family.


But what I want to talk about specifically here is decluttering when you want to manifest something. What is it that you need to release? What do you need to let go of to make space for the new thing?


For example, you could say no to the job that is holding you back from stepping into who you truly want – no need – to be. 


You could be releasing a relationship 


You could be taking steps to change habits that no longer serve you.


I spoke to the amazing Laura Husson in Episode 6 of Making Babies + Making Bank and she said something that truly resonates with this: 


‘Usually you have to leap before things can materialise.’


This stuff is so damn important to realise! 


The world is full of people always waiting until they have completed the next course, until the children go to school, until they have X amount of savings, until they lose the weight, etc. 


This is bullshit.


The right time is now.


If we choose to take the leap, then the thing we want will have the space to arrive. 


The thing that will enable us to show up and make a difference, to make our mark on the world in the way that we were born to do.


We don’t know what it will look like, but we know that it will be ok. I want you to trust that it will be ok. It always is. I must add here: it may not always show up exactly as we expect but the magic does happen. 


What do you choose to release today?


Faith + Action = Miracles 

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