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  • 02:22  that is not just in my working day, it’s just in my life, genuinely, I want to feel alive.
  • 04:00 I had a very clear plan in my business only two or three years ago. And that was to stop doing anything in my business that wasn’t content creation, strategy, or coaching
  • 06:42 If you need to say please don’t speak to me for the next two hours, just say it so that you can focus on what actually gets to be done
  • “get intentional”
  • “If all you can afford is two hours a day, pay for the two hours a day, don’t wait until you are fully ready”
  • “that just isn’t the vibe”

How to Make Your Working Day Better

Hello hello my darling one, this week is a quick and dirty treat for you!

If you ever finish a work task and instead of feeling elated you feel like it’s been dragged out of you – oh no no that is NOT the vibe!!

I have got just the thing for you. Do not worry I’m sharing three very short, simple but potent tips for you to take advantage of.

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