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  • 03:55 I am noticing that I am hearing the same message presented to me in different ways by multiple different people all within a very short period of time. So it’s like the universe is saying to me if you didn’t get it this time, get it now.
  • 05:48  depending on where you are in your journey, and the lessons that you have to learn, it is very easy to become a little bit jaded, a little bit cynical, and a little bit like, well, I’ve heard this before. So give me something else.
  • 12:40 when I think about events, and when I think about live events, I think that it is easier for people to have that somatic experience, depending on the skill of the facilitator.
  • “People will choose to notice that they’ve heard this thing before. And they will ask themselves the question, Where am I not living into this?”
  • “Yes, this is true, but there is a deeper truth.”
  • “It’s that the wisdom of the heart is a wisdom that goes beyond the life that we are in.”

How to Know You are on The “Right” Path

Hello hello! I am buzzing with excitement today and so happy to be sharing with you.

I have had some really incredible conversations with people who have inadvertently coached me, inspired me, made me look at the world differently. And this is what this podcast is here to do.

So here we are a brand new episode. And today’s focus is really about your spiritual growth, your personal development and knowing that you’re on the right path, knowing that you’re on the right track. And what is interesting is that I believe, and this might even be a slightly controversial thing to say that it is impossible for us to not be on the right track.

I would be utterly delighted and grateful beyond words if you would (if you’re not already)

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