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  • 17:51 And so I absolutely believe that. And if you are unable or unwilling most of the time to extract the lesson, you can find yourself in this whirlpool of just not progressing also known as the tunnel of doom.
  • 17:25 There’s a universal law that we do not talk about, which is the universal law of grace. And that law is you will always get what you need, not necessarily what it is that you want. The universe will always give you what you need in order to have the next upgrade.
  • 18:31 But the only way out is through. And sometimes it is just challenging to see what the lesson is until you are on the other side of it, this is the beauty of hindsight. And how we interpret what has happened to us will determine how we take our next steps.
  • 19:58  There are times in your life where you just need to be in the experience and you need to be okay with being in the experience.
  • “I didn’t have to do manifestation, I could embody manifestation.”
  • “I believe that some things happen but we won’t really know why until the after.”
  • “Because I’m able to extract the gifts, I get to receive so much more wisdom from that experience”

How to Manifest your Dream Life

Hello, hello you gorgeous human

I am really looking forward to introducing you to an old friend of mine, Alexandria Maria, an esteemed business and manifestation coach who has been featured in renowned publications such as Medium, Telegraph, Daily Mail, and West London Living.

The power of manifestation… We talk about it all the time but how can you embody it to co-create your future into what your heart desires?

Once you realise you are a co-creator of your reality you unlock the key to your limitless potential, there is no limit to what you can achieve when you internalise this to the fullest. 

So give yourself permission to be open to all possibilities, dreams and opportunities and create a fulfilled life that aligns with you. To do this you need to embody manifestation and I’ll tell you how.

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