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  • 6:22 And so the takeaway for you is to really think about what is it that you get to create, or what is it that you get to communicate in a way that helps people immediately know that they’re with you.
  • 8:06 because it’s really understanding that your unique fingerprint cannot be replicated. And that means that even if your message, it’s the same as everybody else’s message, when you’re allowing the transmission to come through you, nobody is ever going to say it like you say it.
  • 12:38 What he’s taught me is who is in the room matters. So when you go to a community event like this, part of the reason that you’re going is because you want to be in rooms with people, having conversations with people that inspire you, that make you think differently, that make you think bigger, that provide you with tools for you to make connections.
  • “Every rough night is leading you to the win, every argument is leading you to the win, every time it looks like any type of failure, you have decided that it is leading you to the win.”
  • “Adopt a warrior mindset to ensure that every decision leads to a win, regardless of immediate outcomes”
  • “Everything was always working out for me and everybody that I came into contact with and this is true because, look, here is the evidence.”

Top 5 Takeaways from Speaking At Atomicon

Hello, hello you gorgeous human being

Welcome to this next episode of the Infinite Receiving Podcast,  I have a juicy one for you!

If you were at Atomicon or follow me on Instagram you will have seen the magic that went down in Newcastle where I took to the stage and shared all about The Art of High Ticket Selling.

Listen to this episode to hear my top 5 takeaways from speaking at Atomicon – you do not want to miss this!

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