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03:21 Whenever you have these big expansions, it is very normal for there to be some type of contraction after the expansion. And I really want you to give yourself permission to experience the contraction.

04:24  I have very consciously and deliberately taken my foot off the accelerator pedal in some of my programmes and some of my courses as I was realising that new work, new words new heart, new soul, a new soul admission was wanting to come through Hello infinite receiving

10:27 You get to observe the doubt, but you refuse to pick it up, you are not going to go for a swim in it. Just understand that doubt that niggling voice, in the back of your mind, is part of the process of evolution, it’s part of the transformation process, for the ego to say, I want to protect you


“On the other side of the high and the expansion is normality and real life and just a little bit less of the “let’s take over the world”

“arguably, if we are not expanding, we are in contraction”

“And all of a sudden you’re back doing the frickin work in a way that feels good and aligned and whole and that makes me excited for you”

How To Navigate The Low After a High Moment

Ahhh the low after the high. We’ve all felt it and I want to talk to you today about how to navigate the low after the high.

Because on the other side of the high and the expansion is normality, is real life and all that  comes with it. And there is a danger of falling into the trap of thinking you are taking one step forward and three back…spoiler alert, you aren’t!

Listen in and find out how I anticipate, navigate and ultimately use this natural phenomenon to move forward, stronger than ever

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