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  • 54:25 infinite receiving is allowing all of it, and that’s the light. It’s the dark. It is the mission. It’s the vision, it’s the small part of you that just wants to like hang out and watch Netflix and eat potato chips.
  • 26:09 I would argue that it’s way harder. It’s way more painful, to move through life with a closed heart than it is to move through life with a broken heart. 
  • 29:26 Suzy to Natalie: there’s a light that moves with you. And we meet these people in the world. And these these people that have the light around them are often the people with their hearts open.
  • Natalie: That’s what I want to stand in and stand for – loving each other into being
  • Suzy: Joy is laughter, is love, is allowing space for you to be in all of your messiness, and your beauty.
  • Natalie: I think unworthiness is one of our deepest core wounds as humanity

A Conversation with Natalie MacNeil

I have an incredible, incredible human on the podcast for you. I am so excited to to have her here and have the absolute pleasure of introducing you if you don’t already know her.

Natalie MacNeil joins me and we go deep on childhood, entrepreneurial journeys, being weird, timelines and the “knowing”.

This is longer than the usual episode, so grab your cuppa and get comfy – there is SO much for you inside.


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