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I want to know what the next 15 steps are, once I’ve hit this goal, otherwise, I could die like that’s basically what is happening in the subconscious mind and in the nervous system

What are the decisions? The first and most important decision that I had to make was that I was willing to stretch my field of vision to believe that I could be the type of person who could actually receive 30,000 pounds a month

And so from a nervous system perspective, what was once feared, becomes so familiar that by the time you actually experienced this, it’s like, of course, of course this was going to happen like I knew it, I felt it, I’d seen it I played with it, I’d been in it 10s of times a hundreds of times like this was always going to happen

  • For all of the people that decided to say yes, that frequency of gratitude gets to absolutely run through as a foundational frequency for everything else.
  • The mind which is so magnificent but can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.
  • Your self worth, your net worth and your external value are completely separate parts of the wealth triangle

How to prepare your nervous system for Receiving More

This episode is perfect for you if you are ready to step into that next level of wealth, but there is something within you that feels nervous that feels unsure.

Something which physically shows up whenever you think about what else is available.

And this is prompted by one of my incredible mastermind clients who has been absolutely killing it. But when I asked her why we weren’t scaling things up, she immediately went into rabbit in the headlights mode

And as she was speaking, I could see her breath was becoming more and more shallow. She was operating from the top 15% of her lungs. And the body is going into fight or flight mode into survival mode. Whilst this physical presentation is on the more extreme end, actually, the body and the subconscious mind saying no to the next level is super, super common

Listen in to discover how you can deal with this before it even starts

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