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5 Signs you’re ready for a Quantum Leap

How do you KNOW when a quantum leap is around the corner? Well, the simple answer is you don’t. You have to trust 


But actually that is doing a disservice to how we can tap into what is being shown to us to prepare for our next level.


And I was speaking with one of my clients today. And when she shared with me what was going on, I realised she was on the precipice of her next level of greatness that there is a shift that there was a shift  happening right there and then.


 And it gets to be wildly exciting. Or you can hold on for dear life thinking, wow, what the heck is happening here and slow everything down. So I want to share with you these five points. 


And if you recognise yourself in any of the points, you’re in a good place, chill the heck out and just buckle up, buckle up and enjoy the ride. 


Sign One

You are considering doing something that almost feels on the verge of being irresponsible. 


I have done this in my life many times. And particularly in the early stages of entrepreneurship. I used to do things that to the outside world seemed crazy. 


I often tell the story of when I knew that I was going to become a seven figure entrepreneur, after stagnating in my business around the 400k mark for two years in a row and I made the big bold money decision to invest in four different coaches 

  • two for strategy 
  • one mastermind and 
  • one specialist coach that I was just going to use for a day 


The total amount invested was around 120k. This was a very irresponsible move not just once, not just twice, not three times, but four times – well maybe the first time it actually wasn’t irresponsible. But all of the other coaches to the outside world. It just seemed crazy. What on earth was I doing? What was I thinking? And I was like I’m getting my team together. 


If you find yourself on the verge, that irresponsible to everybody else decision could be the best decision of your life. In my experience it absolutely was


Sign Two

The stuff that you have been doing no longer seems to be working.


The things that you were doing that were like a real vibe that just felt super easy for you – the ones which you could do forever and felt solid and certain are all of a sudden no longer solid and no longer certain. 

Holy freaking macaroni,my friend – what you gonna do? 


What I have learned over the years is that when it’s time to release I release. And people will hold on to try and make the thing work and I get it because there  is a really fine line between not quitting and knowing when to release.


But there’s something that I am able to tap into within my body very easily. Quite simply, it’s that sense of excitement. 


  • If what I’m doing is no longer exciting. 
  • If I feel like I’m going through the motions 
  • If it’s not bringing me joy any more. 
  • If even the process isn’t helping me or bringing me joy and the end destination just doesn’t feel good


Then I know  I’m getting the sign that I should be stopping. I know that it’s time to let go. And so I have done that in my business. 


Three or four times I’ve made pivots that have, to the outside world seemed unexpected. But I know that it has been the right thing for me, because things have stopped working or lighting me up. 


Sign Three

You are willing to take a risk that might not work out. 


When we are looking at slow, steady incremental growth, we are making decisions that are steady that are expected, where we can feel confident that if I do x and y, then I am likely to get to Z. 

That’s the way that logical and linear thinking goes and that logical linear thinking creates logical and linear results.


People who get crazy, how the heck did that happen results are the people that make decision, where the outcome isn’t guaranteed. There’s a risk involved there. 


But it’s in the risk that the identity shift and the identity upgrade happens. Because you have to – no you’re FORCED into being a different person in order to get the result that it is that you desire. 


Where people fall flat on their face is that they take a risk but then operate from their usual state of being. So when you’re willing to take a risk that might not work out you need to also be ready for the other side of that risk.


Sign Four

You are asking for that next level of expansion. 


It will surprise you how many people are happy with the plateau. How many people are happy with consistency. How many people are just wanting to maintain, because the idea of doing anything that might rock the boat doesn’t feel good. 


But when you’re asking for that next level of expansion and you are ready to act in alignment with the next level of expansion, you are stacking the odds in your favour that the next level is there. 


Sign Five 

There are so many new ideas that are coming through OR  you feel like you’re in the void, and you feel like you’re supposed to be waiting right now. 


I KNOW it sounds like I am talking in riddles! 


I have had both of these experiences where I have idea after idea after idea and I’ve had to stop and breathe and think to myself  that none of this stuff that is coming through has anything to do with the life that I’m living right now, so  what’s going on? Hello, infinite receiving. 


And also, there have been times where there is  nothing, there’s quiet. There’s the void. There’s, I want something… something. So we get nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing – and then ALL OF THE THINGS! We’re good to go? Let’s go. 


So both of those extremes are signs that something big is coming for you. 


And my invitation for you is to lean in to wherever you are at. And if you are really willing to create the leap, be a vibrational match for the next level. 


It’s going to involve you claiming it, it won’t just happen by accident and it  is going to involve you feeling a level of discomfort and really learning how to be with the discomfort. 


And I will do another podcast particularly on that piece because it is super important and really, really juicy and super helpful when it comes to you really activating that next level of receiving in your life.

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