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  • 14.04 And that’s what my book’s all about, is, like, the root of it, of high functioning anxiety, is you not feeling enough. And when you’re not feeling enough, it’s because we’re disconnected from our intuition, we’re disconnected from self trust. And that’s what we want to go back into, is come back to trusting yourself.
  • 20.47 We feel dysregulated, and we want to do something because we’re in that state, fight or flight, and it’s like, I need to just get rid of this. But we also need to understand and tune into the body and make sense of what is actually going on, to then find a way to respond rather than be reactive in that space.
  • 28.13 Sensitivity is seen as a weakness. If someone is saying, oh, that’s really upset me, or that’s really hurt my. It’s like, oh, you’re taking up space. You’re creating a scene, you’re making a bigger deal than it needs to be, and then you’re perceived as being, like, the one who’s, like, the interrupter or the one who isn’t good enough or the one that’s a troublemaker. So you don’t want that negative association. So you just keep showing up as got it together. I’m okay. I’m hardworking. I’m all of these things because that’s what we know how to, and it keeps us safe.
  • “The root of of high functioning anxiety, is you not feeling enough.”
  • “You have to turn away from doing what everybody else wants you to do in order to stand out.”
  • “We can’t move forwards until we understand the past and start connecting all the dots to understand why is it that I present in the way that I do now.”
  • “We trust ourselves to get it done.”

How to Tame your Inner Control Freak with Dr Lalitaa Suglani

Hello hello you gorgeous human!  I am really looking forward to introducing you to my new friend and fellow Hay house author. Dr Lalitaa Suglani is in the house with me today and we have A LOT to cover!

Her book, High Functioning Anxiety explains so many behaviours that will be familiar to you – even if you don’t identify as someone who has any form of anxiety.

We chat on expectations, self trust, loneliness and more.

Get comfy and enjoy.

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