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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:32 Looking back at breakthroughs and what you hold yourself back by
  • 17:47 The T bomb about the mind and body disconnection
  • 24:20 Finding the bigger mission and the disco ball hearts
  • 41:02 Going beyond the comfort zone and not knowing the payoff
  • “I can see and feel the vision of their future and then hold the space and ask them the appropriate questions to help them get there.”
  • “When I am at most, in my mission or my purpose, this is me alive. This is me doing what I do. This is me showing up every freaking day. And that’s when I am all of me.”
  • “When you are tuned in or wishing to bring your whole self into being, it’s going to take magic, but it’s also going to take practical steps to get there.”

How To Tune Into The Magic Of Yourself, with Kate Taylor

Get ready for this rich conversation.

Kate Taylor isn’t your average coach. She is quite literally a magical unicorn.

She is a branding and business expert, life coach extraordinaire, magic activator and someone who inspires and motivates me on a daily basis to live a bigger, bolder, more beautiful life. And she’s on a one-woman-mission to help others do the same.

Expect disco balls, F bombs and truth bombs.

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