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Do I Need a Coach?

Why Do I Need a Coach, If I Have All the Answers?

I believe in expansion.  I believe that our fullest potential is never really reached because our potential is infinite. I believe that the greatest part of us is the part we cannot see.


And it is that, that connects us to Source, the Universe.  This connection is the same connection that creates worlds, movements, provides us with the AHAs and light bulb moments. Whilst this is not something I have ever put into words as blatantly as this before, I set the intention to evolve and expand daily. I know that my connection with Infinite Potential is here within me.  That connection provides me with all the answers I will ever need, but in a world of likes, hearts, job titles and bank accounts, where people unwittingly measure their success.

Whilst I know these things are not my barometer when I’m completely aligned and in flow, there are many days where I get lost in the fog, fall into the competitor trap and the “I’m not good enough” drop. And as the sense of separateness from my Infinite Potential feels weakened, perhaps even invisible, I notice myself shrink. The goal posts move from evolve, expand and thrive to hide and merely survive. I forget and I believe the bullshit.

And although I have a plethora of tools, a supportive husband and a pretty impressive bounce-back factor, my coach helps me to navigate the dips more quickly.  She reminds me of the light that is dying to burn even more brightly; challenges me to get a little closer to my fear; speak more of the truth that will liberate me; and inspire others to continue their journey of growth and expansion too.

And fuck me, let’s be really honest, she tells me when I need to take a fricking breath before I drown in yet another great idea.

So even though, yes, I have all the answers, this is why I’ll always use a coach.

P.S if you’re interested in finding out more about how I help my clients step more into themselves so they are able to build a life and business that represents how they truly want to show up in the world. Drop me an email on hey@suzyashworth.com.

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