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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 12:47 So, folks, whoever is listening, whatever you are going through, there will be a moment where, if you do the work, there will be a moment where you can look back and say, you know, that was not my most shining moment. And here’s what I learned from it. And thank goodness it happened.
  • 16:30 I was living in the story also that as a creative person, that I was just a spiritual person, that I was destined to be poor and broke because I was a starving artist, because I was a spiritual person, a spiritual teacher.
  • 32:09 To be able to connect with your ancestors, bringing your intuitive gifts and intuitive guidance and allowing yourself to have access to your ancestral wisdom is a tremendous and wonderful gift. We Are still living out the prayers that someone whose name we may never know prayed for us. And how magnificent to be able to connect with that energy.
  • “Life doesn’t stop with one thing to let the other thing happen.”
  • “Money is a resource and money is wonderful. Money is fun. Money is amazing. Money is sexual and all of the above.”
  • “You can only bring people as far as you’ve gone yourself.”
  • “Trust, belief, faith are all sisters. They’re all, you know, different sides of a multi dimensional coin.”

If You Have Been Cheated On… with Abiola Abrams

I’m bursting with excitement to share this interview with you. Trust me, it’s a gem.

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with my dear friend Abiola Abrams, an intuitive coach, a master of personal transformation, and the epitome of self-love. Plus, she’s a prolific author and creator of her own oracle decks.

Abiola and I crossed paths through our shared journey with Hay House, and let me tell you, this conversation is pure gold. Abiola’s raw honesty about her rock bottom moment is truly remarkable. If you’re navigating your own dark night of the soul and seeking a glimmer of hope, this interview is for you.

What Abiola does so beautifully is demonstrate, in real time, the incredible journey from rock bottom to blazing trails.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this episode.

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