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  • 08:19 Who am I to be like, I’m giving up my nine to five and I’m going to start something new, you know, who am I to be the person who says that I am going to do something today that I have never done before, like, who are you?
  • 05:12 I have seen it with my peers in the industry where you get to a certain age and you realize that the life that you are living is very different from many of your peers. You start to kind of get this nagging doubt, this insecurity, that you need to start being more sensible, that you need to start getting more real with yourself.
  • 06:45 My overwhelming intuition told me that many of the people that were shifting their priorities weren’t doing it because it was a genuine shift: It was because they felt like they had run out of time. 
  • “No one can copy when you are being truly you.”
  • “This program is for the woman who is saying, actually, I am not ready to shrivel. I am not ready to die. In fact, I am ready to soar.”
  • “I am nothing like I thought I would be at 40, I am just getting going.”

BTS of a Course Launch Part 1

I am really excited to share with you a very tactical episode today on launching a course.

I am doing something I’ve not done for a really long time. It feels like flipping ages. And that is, I am going to be launching a brand new course and I am taking you BTS with me.

My intention is to take you through every step of this journey to when we actually launch the program.

So enjoy part 1 and look out for part 2

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