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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:30 Honouring the things that are important to us
  • 02:44 Checking in with yourself
  • 05:03 Why we frequently stop checking in with ourselves
  • 06:16 Shifting our behaviour
  • “ I believe that we should be in a constant state of identifying whether we are honouring the things that bring us joy and honouring the things that we have said are important to us.”
  • “Every single time you open your mouth, check in with yourself to see, am I speaking from a place of truth?”
  • “At that point of recognising that I’m not honouring what is important to me, I then have a choice. I have a choice to just let it go. Or I have a choice to shift my behaviour. And it is in the shifting of the behaviour that the expansion comes, that the honouring comes and that we start to live in alignment with who we truly wanna be.”

Is it time to Marie Kondo your life and business  

Now I have got a quick and dirty one for you today, and it is all about whether it is time for you to be Marie Kondo-ing your life and business.

And the answer to this is going to be, yes, there’s not a time when you should not be Marie Kondo-ing, your life and business.

So what do I mean by this? Tune in to find out.

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