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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:40 Going right back to the beginning
  • 19:51 Building relationships
  • 35:52 The stories we tell ourselves
  • 37:52 Moving past the sense of scarcity
  • “The stories that we tell ourselves are powerful are so powerful. And I think that this is for anybody, whether it’s life or business, where you are feeling stuck, find the story where you are feeling stuck, find the fear.“
  • “It’s really difficult for you to see your own blind spots, but it’s much easier if you get a good coach, it’s much easier for them to see it or ask the questions that are going to open up to seeing it yourself. Even if they don’t quite know what it is. You can get someone to ask you the questions you’ll find it. And how quickly you can find it will determine how quickly you can move through it.
  • “We can’t put a price on it. Like you are a miracle. You are incredible. Nobody can pay you enough for who you are, but what you do and your skillset like that is worthy of the highest compensation. So it’s knowing that. And then knowing that when you are operating at your highest service level, you have the capacity to create a tidal wave. ”

Wealth, yourself, spirit & impact with Clare Wood

We’re doing something today that we haven’t done for a little while, we have a guest and this isn’t just any old guest. This is one of my star private clients. The incredible Clare Wood.

Clare Wood is a business coach and a money mentor.  She’s a numbers nerd (a CPA), a wrangler of 2 boys, a drinker of wine, a gym junkie, a wanderluster and a podcaster with a reality TV addiction.  She loves empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more money.

Tune in to listen to us talk all about wealth, yourself, spirit and impact.

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