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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:07 Sounding like everybody else
  • 03:05 My number one principle when it comes to messaging
  • 03:33 My dreamboat client before v/s now
  • 05:49 the mistake that I see being made so frequently
  • “You have to meet your client where they are at”
  • “You need to look at your dreamboat client and where they are and then create and craft marketing for how they’re thinking

Is it time to stop marketing to people’s pain points

So I have got a quick and dirty one for you today.

The question is, is it time for you to switch up your marketing? And the answer might be yes. And it might be no.

And when I say marketing, I am specifically talking about the way that you speak to your dreamboat client–your potential dreamboat client–in the way that you message.

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