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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 05:43 Personal liberation
  • 09:20 Shifting understanding
  • 10:54 Confirmation bias
  • 13:47 The thing I try to avoid most of the time
  • “My understanding gets to shift when I create a space in my mind and in my heart, for context, opinion and experience.”
  • “I can still hold all of those beliefs and know that on an individual level, that the way that I view the world also has an impact on the way that I experience it.”
  • “How you choose to deal with the discomfort that has arisen, is your responsibility.”
  • “When somebody comes from a disadvantage in life, where they have had less privileges than myself in life, mindset becomes even more important.”

Is mindset work really gaslighting for black people?

After reading the four agreements (an amazing book by the way) there was one thing that I didn’t particularly love about the book, that didn’t sit well with me.

It was the fact that blanket statements get said and there’s no room for context, nuance, or room for opinion. And that really stops the most powerful, beautifully rich, and diverse conversations from happening.

I want to invite you to think about where you can honour a person enough to not just listen to what they’re saying, but really hear what they’re saying.

More in this episode, take a listen.

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