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  • 05:45 First thing, put yourself in environments with people who are really lit up, with people who are super excited about what it is they are creating, with people who are actually doing things and allow their excitement to rub off on you, energy is contagious.
  • 08:28 And when you’re able to detangle your own intrinsic value from your external value and your leverageable value, the money that you have in your bank account, you stop being jealous and stop being envious.
  • 12:26 I love learning new things. You want to learn something new, then you want to implement. This does not work if you do not implement.
  • “I’m tired of hearing myself moaning about it. I’m just going to do this differently. And from that decision, when there is enough intention behind it, guess what? You do. “
  • “It feels exciting to listen to the version of me who has created what it is that I desire to create.”
  • “I speak my goals and desires into existence every single day. “

Is Your Business Lighting You Up?

Hello hello you gorgeous human being!

I am here with one of my fave little quick and dirty ones for you today!

I have a question for you, and it’s an important one. The question I have for you is, are you feeling lit up by your business?

And the reason this is so freaking important is that you spend way too much of your life in your business, thinking about your business, being on your business, strategizing about your business, wishing your business was something, wanting to create something in your business.

It’s always ON YOUR MIND! This is the curse of the entrepreneur.

And so when you ask yourself the question, does it light you up?  What is the answer

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