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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:54 And I say all of this knowing that sometimes that opportunity requires you saying no. And sometimes that opportunity requires you saying yes. You will get the hit in your body within 3 seconds
  • 06:32 On the flip side of that, when you’re saying yes, when you really mean no, that archetype is the prostitute archetype and the person that is willing to sell their soul for a sense of feeling safe or a sense of belonging.
  • 10:20 ​​And the invitation for you today is to stop doing that is to be willing to consistently take a risk on yourself, is to consistently be willing to abide by the three second rule and then back yourself up.
  • “Our intuition never fails you. You are just not abiding by the three second f*cking rule.”
  • “You will logic yourself out of doing the thing that you intuitively knew was meant for you.”
  • “When we are at our most magical, most potent, most creative, it feels like a dance.”

Is Your Intuition Failing You?

I am coming in quick and dirty today! If you’ve been wondering if your intuition has been letting you down, or it’s broken or somehow just not working this is for you.

And I bet I already know what the problem is.

It’s easier than you think to fix… let’s get into it

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