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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 19:03 by honoring your needs and your desires and stepping into that aligned self worth, you can heal that people please the side of you whilst also still having your heart open and still giving from a space that feels good.
  • 39:18 Time will give you those answers. And I always find that clarity comes in the right moment where we’re able to receive it. And we’ve also embodied enough of that season to be like, I get it now.
  • 48:47 oh, yes, this recently, for me, it’s actually been about doing less and attracting more. And that’s a mantra that I have worked with for years. So that mantra is not new to me, but the embodiment of the teaching is like, oh, I get it now. I actually get it.
  • “Friendships when they break down, it’s worse than heartbreak sometimes.”
  • “Without awareness, you can’t create change.”
  • “The caterpillar doesn’t know it’s transforming, it thinks it’s dying.”

From PTSD to Peace with Emma Mumford

I am absolutely thrilled to bring this episode to your ears. It’s with someone truly special – a new friend, Emma Mumford. She entered my world about eight or nine months ago, and let me tell you, she’s been incredibly generous with her time and energy.

You might already know Emma as one of the UK’s foremost manifestation teachers, an award-winning life coach, and a three-time bestselling author. Her books, “Positively Wealthy,” “Hurt, Healing, Healed,” and her upcoming release, “Aligned Abundance,” are just the tip of the iceberg. You can catch her wisdom on YouTube and tune into her top-rated podcast in the UK, “Spiritual Queens Beauty Badass.”

Emma’s mission is to help you turn your dream life into your reality. And let me tell you, our conversation takes us on quite the journey. We cover it all – from Emma’s own story, where she vulnerably shares her experiences with depression and PTSD, to some incredible teachings on manifestation and shifting your perspective to welcome more abundance into your life.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the episode.

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the amazing, the inspiring, the queen of manifesting herself – Emma freaking Mumford.

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