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  • 11:51 But ultimately I didn’t see myself and I didn’t hear myself because I didn’t really, like I say, I was lost.
  • 18:20 So there’s lots of things and abandonment and rejection and everything that’s sort of layered up over the years that now.
  • 49:57¬†And she went back ten days later and the doctor rang and it was the bank holiday, and she panicked because she thought, oh, my God, it must be bad news. And he said, sophie, I don’t know what to tell you. There’s nothing there, it’s gone.
  • “Trauma can be so small to other people.”
  • “It’s up to us if we choose love or we choose any other emotion that’s actually not real.”
  • “This very moment, right now, is the only thing that exists. And this very instant we have a choice to have to experience whatever emotion we want to experience in this moment.”

Life Lessons from being on Real Housewives with Leanne Brown

Another juicy one coming up! I know I know I keep saying it!!

I want to introduce you to x reality tv star and retreat host, Leanne Brown. Now you know that one of my guilty pleasures IS The Real Housewives but my conversation with Leanne went much much deeper than the show.

We talk about the effects of childhood trauma and wounding, the relentless pressure of life under the lens and reflect on how perception can change as we put ourselves into different experiences.

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