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  • 17.59 And I saw just, like, how much courage it takes to be in the human experience, like, the agony and the ecstasy of this amazing, amazing journey that our souls go on, but also how fleeting it is actually in the expanse of the journey of the soul.
  • 20.13 Every time I walked in the room where I looked at my son and I saw how much love that he had and how he looked at me. Not like I was a goddess, but I was like the motherfucking goddess. Like, the creator, the goddess. And it was so full on because I was like, how can I receive that?
  • 25.56 You know, when you’re really working on healing something, but you can’t quite fix the loop. I actually did psilocybin therapeutically. Incredible. It felt like that gave me, it switched something off within me.
  • “I believe we all come in with so much love.”
  • “What does this intelligent pulse of life have for me that is aligned with who I’m being called to be.”
  • “I know that this human experience is so full on, and it’s so full on in the exquisiteness, the ecstasy, the sheer joy, the sheer abundance, all of that. And it can be also so full on in the pain.”

Tapping into Abundance: Surrender and the Soul’s Journey with Rebecca Campbell

Today’s interview is a special one! I even got a little bit emotional at the beginning!

My friend and fellow Hay house author, Rebecca Campbell. Is joining us today and she is such a powerhouse and her work was one of the first books that I read after I started entrepreneurship that really changed the way that I view the world.

Some really key moments that you are going to absolutely get a lot out of is when Rebecca talks about the difference between the dark night of the soul and the dark night of the ego and her experience with both. We talk about surrender and of course we talk about infinite receiving.

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