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Are You a Match for What You Want?

It’s time for a little tough love.

So often I hear people say, ‘why haven’t I got the thing yet?’. And I want to say to you, with love and compassion, that you are not an energetic match for the thing you want yet!

And if you want to know what you are an energetic match for, simply look around you. That will tell you where you are in the manifestation process.

What is also true is that the physical representation of the thing you are creating is the last thing to happen. There is a cellular knowing that what it is that you desire is on its way to you. It’s just a waiting game.

And there is something so exquisite about that feeling.

Are You Ready to Decide?

Prior to deciding, I was going to be a 7-figure entrepreneur, it was only a wish. Because I didn’t really feel it was possible for me. I had not decided yet.

The more inspired and aligned action I took, the more I was able to anchor in. And what happened is that I became an energetic match to the million.

The decision that I was going to become a 7-figure entrepreneur happened in an instant. Energetic alignment has to happen first.

Ask Yourself This Question

Ask yourself, what is it that I get to let go of and choose to believe?

Listen to the full episode HERE to find out what happened when I truly and finally decided.

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