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Becoming A Portal for Infinite Love

Love Is A Portal to Infinite Receiving


We’re going to talk about LOVE a lot in this podcast. Including intimate love, love in your family dynamic, love in business, love for life, and love in all ways, shapes and forms. All with zero apologies.

Love is a frequency that you cannot switch off. It’s the biggest activator for all types of receiving. The frequency of love is around you all of the time, and you are a conduit for that frequency. 

Why It’s Essential to Choose An Open Heart


When you live with your heart at least partially closed, you go through life protecting yourself. This usually means holding yourself back in some way. And this stops you from enjoying the full range of human experience to its maximum potential.

This means you also close yourself off from Infinite wealth, joy, and bliss. 

Are You Willing to Open Your Heart?


You have to be willing to keep your heart open and know that you and your heart are strong enough to keep the flow of receiving unrestricted.

In this episode, I also share a question you can ask yourself throughout the day to notice whether your heart is open or closed and how you can choose to open more often. 

Check out the episode HERE.

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