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  • 02:22 In the early years and even in my early teenage years, I wouldn’t have thought for a millisecond that this is something that I would do. Because my diet up until the time that I really discovered nutrition was absolutely atrocious.
  • 04:31 Look, we can actively engage in our own health care. We can take steps every single day to engage in this whole process. This isn’t a passive thing. This isn’t something that’s 100% out of our control.
  • 13:29 It’s just going to use some really cheesy lines and quotes here, but they kind of illustrate the point. The first one is, if it ran, swam, grew or flew, then eat it. Everything else leave behind. And the other one, which is probably a grammatical abomination, is real food doesn’t contain ingredients. Real food is ingredients
  • 27:41 If you want to drive 50 miles in your car and you put enough fuel in it to go 30 miles, you wouldn’t stand there on the side of the M 25 scratching your head when the car is conked out. You’d be like, well, don’t understand it.
  • As a teenager, I grew up in the rave scene. So trust me, food and nutrition wasn’t top of my list.”
  • “Counting calories is a miserable existence.”
  • “Eating in the way that nature has already designed. It’s already perfect.”
  • “Situations outside can create a challenge, but ultimately, the response to the challenge is in relation to something within us.”

Rave Culture, Calorie Counting and Buddhist Beliefs with Dale Pinnock

I never thought I would have a conversation about nutrition that would I describe as sexy…I KNOW I KNOW but stick with me.

Not only are we bringing some much needed sense and sensibility to the world of food and nutrition we go on a journey through Dale’s Buddhist beliefs and how losing connection to the spiritual aspect of life can take us to some dark places.

Grab yourself a cuppa and prepare to enjoy Dale as much as I did.

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