How to Let Go with Sophie Towill

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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 16:01 I am enough that I’m a kooky, nerdy, slightly opinionated, actually quite opinionated, strong woman.
  • 24:49 I know the pain that they’re going through because I’ve been through it. So when I confidently can say hand on heart, you’re going to be okay, when something’s going on, I know they will because I have been.
  • 34:50 It’s like whack a mole. You might put down the drink and the drugs, but it’s like, okay, well, what’s going to surface up now? What am I going to do to not feel.
  • “My life is amazing in its abundant in love because I’m able to give it to myself ultimately, which is the most important thing, finally.”
  • “Who am I to judge anyone? What right do I have to judge anyone? And believe you me, I have judged.”
  • “Being a sober woman or being a sober human, it’s a real gift, actually.”
  • “Narcissists are my catnip – what can I say!”
  • “I listen to people now instead of telling them what to do.”

How to Let Go with Sophie Towill

You are going to want to get comfortable for this one. This is taking us DEEP my friends. My guest today is the wonderful Sophie Towill who is the most brilliant jewellery designer turned healer.

Her journey from getting sober at 26, learning peace, surrender and self love along the way is truly beautiful. I know you will be as inspired as I continue to be by this story of personal choices and huge self awareness.

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