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  • 43:45 And so becoming a woman who is embodied in my sexuality but doesn’t lead with it or doesn’t kind of use it to hurt people, I think, is the healing of the lover archetype, and a woman who is not afraid to be seen and a woman who takes up space in her body is the lover archetype. But then the shadow of that is a constant thirst for more validation
  • 27:45 And so if we don’t want them to behave like children and we want them to behave like men and leaders, then we must see them as that and treat them as such, which means respecting them, which means honoring them, which means asking them for advice, support, actually trusting them and letting them, right. The biggest thing that comes between women and their men actually like leading is they don’t let them.
  • 13:53 And so I said to myself, I heard a voice from God literally saying, well, if that’s how you would act if you were a mother, why won’t you give that to yourself before you become one? And that started my whole journey.
  • “When we mother our partners, don’t be surprised when they start behaving like children because that’s how we are treating them.”
  • “I always felt underappreciated, not seen, and was always wondering why he didn’t initiate more, why he didn’t give me more of his time, why he wasn’t proposing, why he wasn’t committing to me.”
  • “To reclaim those feminine powers in the way that you were designed makes you an infinitely more powerful being, not a weaker version of yourself.”

Relationships, Receiving and Reclaiming your Feminine Power with Mel Wells

Oh, I loved this conversation!! There’s something that is just super precious to me when I get to interview my friends on the podcast and in this episode, I get to share so many golden nuggets for those of you who are in relationship or preparing to be in relationship.

You are about to hear from Melissa Wells, my good friend. We’ve known each other for over a decade. She is a two time hay house author. She is an expert when it comes to feminine energetics. And some of this conversation is a little controversial, maybe a little bit triggering. And that’s why I love it. I love, love it and I hope you will too!

If you are looking to develop your relationship with receiving and the feminine, particularly through the lens of relationship, you’re going to freaking love this episode. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the show.

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