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  • 05:11 And what it made me also realise is that once again, there is a really big difference between intellectually understanding and saying that you are going to go big and now’s the time and you are definitely up for thinking bigger. And this is my goal. There’s a huge difference in saying this is my goal and then taking action in alignment with the goal.
  • 12:01 That’s how you get to feel when you’re lit up, because you’re setting yourself big juicy goals that you have to force yourself to grow into.
  • 14:26 Your ability to think big is directly related to you understanding and living from this principle of knowing that faith plus action equals miracles.
  • “Fast forward 6 months, I don’t think that I felt this on fire and this alive and this lit up.”
  • “I am taking wildly imperfect action, but action is being taken.”
  • “A lot of these posts were from peers and acquaintances that I have worked alongside over the last decade that ultimately had given up on the dream.”

The Number 1 Secret To Setting And Actually Achieving Goals That Set Your Soul On Fire 🔥

Hello hello you gorgeous human being

The idea of living my life without a burning desire to evolve and create more and grow more feels like living dead to me, and so I am excited to talk to you today about thinking bigger!

Toward the end of last year things felt sticky, and now I cannot remember the last time I felt SO lit up in my business and so alive.

And how did I make that change? Listen in and find out!

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