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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 06:50 In a time of intense trauma, I found a way through my imagination and my creativity to reconnect with myself and reconnect with them. So it was a really big deal for me. It’s like, I mean, imagine if you didn’t have that. What do people do if you haven’t got that and how disconnected you would feel or alone you would feel. And using my imagination was everything at that point.
  • 22:11 I was being really codependent with my husband at the time, and I was saying, oh, you go and live your dreams. You be a musician. You go and learn how to play the saxophone. And so he did. And then I sat in the audience and I watched him, and I didn’t feel pride or love. I felt envy. And I was like, oh, my God, what is this? What is this disgusting emotion?
  • 34:37 And by about, you know, second day, you’re exhausted, you’re knackered, and then you realize, I’m not my stories.The question is, if you’re not your stories, which I’ve spent all life doing about I am my story, who are you?
  • “Using your art or using your creativity to actually make a living and earn money was, to me, it was just such a joy.”
  • “I thought, if I’m going to keep going forward, I can either do it in despair or I can do it in a positive way.”
  • “There’s no guarantees, there’s no certainty. But what you can trust in is love.”

Storytelling and Spirituality with Ex Psychologies Editor, Suzy Walker

I am really excited to bring to you somebody that I was first introduced to, like years and years and years ago when we were both working in journalism.

We talk all things spiritual paths, daily practices and the power of not accepting rejection.

I am so excited for you to get to know this amazing woman, get comfy and enjoy.

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