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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 13:38 How do I create art in my business? And step one is through intention. What do you intend when you create today?
  • 14:55 How we get into that place of clarity with our intention is to slow the fuck down, is to allow spaciousness and to allow quiet.
  • 19:12 This does not mean that you live a life of discontent. It means that there is no end point, there is no destination. It means that we are supposed to keep growing and evolving at all times until we leave this body. That is why we never make it.
  • “Not knowing what is going to happen ten steps down the line is no reason to put your courage to bed and just carry on doing what you’ve always done. That is what most people do. I am not most people. And you are not most people.”
  • “Manifestation is always the final thing to show up in our reality before the manifestation of what it is that we desire shows up. There is already energetic alignment.”
  • “Your work gets to be an extension of the masterpiece that is you.”

How to Create Art in Your Business

I’m excited to share the latest episode of the “Infinite Receiving” podcast with you. In this episode, we’re exploring how embracing artistry can transform both our personal and professional lives.

I will give you the three stages of how to unleash this in your business and get into  the power of intention, the importance of courage, and practical ways to infuse art into our daily lives.

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