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  • 10.37 But when we are in the throes of traffic in London at 05:00 p.m. on a Friday night, or when we’re at home during a festival with all of our family and our siblings, and when we’re at work and we’re trying to get our message across or we’re not being heard, that’s when our spirit is really tested.
  • 33.26 If we see our sensuality, our sexuality, as a season, just like the rest of the world has seasons, winter, spring, summer, autumn, then it takes a lot of pressure off chasing a type of sensuality that we experienced in our previous years, our younger years and it allows us to move.
  • 6.39 Because whilst sex almost always involves an aspect of sensuality, as a deeply sensual in your body process, sensuality does not always have to involve sex. And I think that’s one of the key reasons why so many of us feel blocked to accessing our sensuality, because there is this fear that it invokes sexuality, which is another very repressed part of our society and psyche.
  • 7.19 And for me, sensuality is living in the five senses and being able to connect with the energy. In the tantra practice, it is called our shakti, which translates to, from Sanskrit, power, manifest power, that is residing within our bodies, but also residing within all of nature, in the storms and the seas and the sunsets and in our anger and in our tears and in our joy.
  • “Where is the opportunity for radical acceptance in this moment?”
  • “Tantra is not a religion, it’s a life path”
  • “I am feeling gooey inside and for me, being sensual is being able to tap into the intuitive sensations that are happening within our bodies moment to moment and being able to sit with those sensations.”

Tantra, Sensuality, and Spirituality with Henika Patel

Hello you gorgeous human being!

Today I am in conversation with someone who you are going to LOVE!

She is the founder of the School of Sensual Arts and author of the brand new book Sensual. She is one of my hay house sisters and has the most gorgeous energy about her which I cannot wait to share with you.

In this conversation we are diving deep into what it means to live a sensual life and what it means to be able to tap into that feeling of aliveness.

We talk about the difference between sexuality and sensuality, why so many of us feel cut off and what are some of the tools, techniques and practices that you can start adhering to in your lives now in order to create this really exquisite feeling of deep connection, deep belonging and intimacy with both yourself and the lives that we are living.

So without further ado allow me to introduce you to Henika Patel.

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