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  • 5.15 The invitation is for you just to be way more intentional about the pieces of the puzzle that you’re trying to fit into your picture
  • 6.18 It takes courage to follow through on your word because inevitably your agenda is going to have some conflict with other people who you love, other people who you care about, other people who have a vested interest in you adhering to their agenda over and above your own.
  • 7.58 And the reality is that the more frequently we are able to honor the things that we’ve said that we are going to do, the more we build our confidence, the more that confidence muscle grows and the easier it then becomes for us to take bigger risks and bets on ourselves because we can trust ourselves.
  • “The way to have a world class business is to be a world class human”
  • “There is so much power in repetition”
  • “It takes courage to follow through on your word”

How to be a World Class Human

Hello, hello you gorgeous human,

I am back with another series for you! Today is part one of the coming How To Be A World Class Coach and we are starting with the simple. Because how to be a world class anything, starts with being a world class human.

And yes it’s simple, what I am sharing with you. But simple isn’t always easy!

Today’s episode is to the point and actionable, so let’s get to it.

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